Introducing the iPANT unique solution to NGOs around the world

We want to let everyone know that it doesnt need to be a costly process to clean the environment. it doesnt need to be time consuming and it doesnt need to be boring

The reverse vending machines should be close to consumers so children can use them and get motivated when receiving the deposit money as their allowance. We can use the platform to at the same time educate our children in saving and the importance of long term investments

When the consumers are given the opportunity to use their bottle deposit money in a constructive way, they will be eager to help keep the planet cleaner. if recycling is as easy as browsing in the phone then we have used the technology correctly in order to improve the recycling process


By combining recycling activities with mobile phone technologies we can educate our children

recyling doesnt need to be boring and time consuming. we can educate our children by introducing the iPANTs education chanel in which our younger generation will get involved, learn, get motibĀ“vated and rewarded for their recycling activities and ideas.

Children will be able to save their deposit money and use it to help indangered animals and help the environment to get cleaner and safer for the next generations

Children will collect rewards and will be invited to take educational trips to take part in environmental activities, learn about the oceans and forests and learn how they can help keep the earth safer


By creating value to the bottle deposit money we can motivate children and cover the costs of recycling

Financial services are the key motivators to the act of recycling. By rewarding children and easily received deposit money, children will be motivated to recycle more and use their money to help the environment even more

Consumers will even be able to receive a payment card to use just like an ordinary card to use in shops when purchasing products they are interested in.

Consumers wil be able to top up their wallets, withdraw their money, send it to each other, dinate their money to  good causes, invest, save and even do online shopping. 


The reverse vending machines are the best solutions for collecting the empty bottles but at the same time the biggest issue in delaying the development and improvement of the recycling systems in different countries. The price of these devices and the service needed causes the government to be hesitant in applying the bottle desposit scheme.

By bringing the RVM technology into mobile phones, we have reduced the price of these machines and made it easy for every store and housing complex to consider purchasing a machine in order to increase the recycling rate and the quality of life 

iPANT will increase the sales by offering advertising services to local shops based on the geografic location and the distance to potential customers.

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